Street Fighter I: With Regrets

Street Fighter I arguably set the formula that led to Street Fighter II‘s success: players fight characters around the world 3 rounds at a time, using a joystick and buttons to execute a variety of moves. The graphics looked believable, each character was distinct, there was an attempt made at adding human-sounding voices, and there were bonus stages to break up the repetition of the fights. At a glance, the two games don’t appear too dissimilar. Yet Street Fighter 1 was almost a disaster.


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In The Beginning, There Were Nerds

When I think “video game arcade,” I think of decal-covered wooden cabinets with greasy joysticks. I think of a reflective screen, tracing a lonely ship inside a black void. I think of  the blinking words INSERT COIN, and Pac-Man’s grating, ear-splitting beeps. I think of nerds.

I remember when I was a shy, soft-spoken 8 year-old, the first time I entered a video arcade. I felt my stomach tense at the noise, my eyes wander from light to blinding light. I almost tripped in the dark. I remember the anticipation of entering a land where my hobby was a culture, not a shame. And I remember of a crowd of kids surrounding one arcade cabinet in particular. And some of those kids were my classroom bullies.

“Down in front! Let me see!”

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