Street Fighter II: The Well-Made Warrior

The creation of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is a story of idealism. It reads like the creation story of Star Wars: a congregation of young creators that dreamt so big it seemed impossible they would succeed. But they did. The only thing that was found lacking in the finished product was that soon after release, players wanted more.


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In The Beginning, There Were Nerds

When I think “video game arcade,” I think of decal-covered wooden cabinets with greasy joysticks. I think of a reflective screen, tracing a lonely ship inside a black void. I think of  the blinking words INSERT COIN, and Pac-Man’s grating, ear-splitting beeps. I think of nerds.

I remember when I was a shy, soft-spoken 8 year-old, the first time I entered a video arcade. I felt my stomach tense at the noise, my eyes wander from light to blinding light. I almost tripped in the dark. I remember the anticipation of entering a land where my hobby was a culture, not a shame. And I remember of a crowd of kids surrounding one arcade cabinet in particular. And some of those kids were my classroom bullies.

“Down in front! Let me see!”

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